The Wisdom from a 3rd Grade Drop Out (Motivation for Every Human Being on the Planet)

   The Most Inspiring Speech: The Wisdom of a Third Grade Dropout Will Change Your Life | Rick Rigsby   Make an Impact: Rick Rigsby delivers a powerful speech […]

Own the Racecourse

A very important philosphy for all entreprenuers, especially those who focus their marketing and promotion via social media.     Here is what James has to say about himself and […]

Hard Work Beats Talent

Truer words where never spoken than what you are goint to hear in this video: You must understand it doesn’t matter if you believe what you are about to hear […]

Young violinist Tyler Butler-Figueroa has Inspired People around the World (The Inspirational)

  In the 2019 America’s Got Talent season, Young violinist Tyler Butler-Figueroa, took the stage like a storm. His story and video has inspired people all over the world. Tyler’s […]

Art Williams — AL Williams Founder – The Coach – Prime America – Must see Videos

Early in my entrepreneurial journey I had the opportunity to join AL Williams right after the first Kentucky office was opened. I passed, because at the time I was 100% […]

Carrie Green

Carrie Green is Founder and CEO of the Female Entrepreneur Association (FEA). Carrie is the author of the international bestseller, She Means Business, and she is an in demand public […]

Trevor Moawad

Trevor Moawad, has made a huge impact on the corporate training and personal development world over the past couple of years teaching a simple, yet powerful message around how our […]

Robert Kiyosaki

Many people would consider Robert Kiyosaki more of an educator than a motivator.  However I believe when you receive sound “personal education” it takes your level of confidence and motivation […]

Dr. Myles Munroe

My sincere hope is that sometime in a persons life they are exposed to the genius of Dr. Myles Munroe.  Early in my team building career I had a downline […]