Hard Work Beats Talent

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Truer words where never spoken than what you are goint to hear in this video:

You must understand it doesn’t matter if you believe what you are about to
hear or not, your personal beliefs DON’T CHANGE TRUTH & The Way it is!

It is easy to say blame others. Most people on the planet today have the
mindset “If first I don’t succeed — fix the blame quick” You can continue
the rest of your life living with that self-limitting belief.

When you believe you have had bad luck, bad parents, bad jobs, born the wrong
race, raised in the wrong enviroment, have been done dirty by your boss or
whatever excuse YOU CHOOSE to believe. There may be “some truth” in your
excuses, but they are still EXCUSES.   Dwelling on the challenges of the past
prevent you from achieving success in the future..

Success starts with personal responsibility and a decison to quit blaming
other people.

You can spend the rest of your life weak, mad, & defeated,  having your own pitty parties
or you can decided to rise above the unfortunate circumstances and situations
you have experienced in life.  Guess what, WE ALL HAVE THEM,  some people are
so unaware and self -centered they think they are special, and don’t realize that
life throws challenges and disapointments to all of us.

Without failure, and challenges it is impossible to grow and expand and become

Some of us decide to get through them, not let them hold us back to QUIT THINKING ABOUT  THE CHALLENGES LIFE HAS THROWN OUR WAY,  we decide what we want
and MOVE forward working towards worthy goals.


Most people  let other people tell us we are victims, encourage us to blame somebody
else, a certain race or political party.  They don’t want us to take personal responsibility because if we do that, and stop blaming others, we no longer need the activist who are trying to keep everyone stirred up and mad at the world and each other.

Achieving all you can is really a simple 3 step process.


1)   Decide exactly what you want your life to look like in 5 years.

2)  Take 100% personal responsibility for you daily Actions

3) Find a mentor and move forward and make progress EVERYDAY.


I know when people read those 3 simple steps to success, they are thinking Dale there has to be more than that.   What about this?   don’t  I need to find the the right that?.   These are the 3 most important steps.

Are you following these 3 steps and putting them into practice in your life?

If you not, then stop worring about the small pieces of the puzzle until you have the big
pieces strong and solid and in place.

“To thy own self be true”   If you have a problem with Focus, hardwork, & Self Discipline,
ADMIT it to yourself.  You must, before you can ever improve, grow and get better. If you
make excuses you need to stop, or you will spend the rest of your life making them.

Today is the first day of the rest of your life, you can make major life decision to change
right now, in the moment as you reading thiese words.. or you can continue to read articles
watch videos and search for the magic fu fu dust.  IT IS YOU CHOICE, IT IS IN YOUR HANDS, IT ALWAYS HAS BEEN AND IT ALWAYS WILL BE.

The choice is simple the Joy of Discipline or the pain of Regret.

Yes the most joyful people on the planet ar the ones that are the most disciplined in the 7
Key areas of life that matters, and they ignore everythng and everybody else.

Your past does not have to equal your future, unless you want it to.

You can make the decsion to change right now, and take responsibility
starting today.









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