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Early in my entrepreneurial journey I had the opportunity to join AL Williams right after the first Kentucky office was opened. I passed, because at the time I was 100% committed to my Shaklee team members, and I couldn’t see many of them in the insurance business.

However during this time I got my hands on a couple of audio cassettes by Mr. Williams. Just Do It and All You Can Do is All You Can Do. I literally have listened to these two presentations hundreds of times each. I HAVE BOTH OF THESE VIDEOS ON THIS PAGE FOR YOU.

“Real Motivation must come from within”

It is an inside job, and your personal responsibility.

The real secret is learning how to motivate yourself and what and who gets your mind right and head on straight. If I were to name the top 10 audios I have heard in my life to help me get on track and stay on track when the train goes off the rails a little bit, both of these talks from Art Williams would be in my Top 10.  Maybe I connected with him because he talks as southern as I do, but honestly I think it is because he is 100% authentic and speaks from his soul not his head.  IF you have heard these motivational talks from Art Williams before you know you are in for a treat. If you have never heard Art before, I am excited for you.


I had the opportunity to speak on the same stage with Art years later at an event in Atlanta, but I did not have the opportunity to speak with him personally. I spoke in the morning and I had to fly out he was on the program for the following afternoon. It is my hope that someone will find this page who knows Mr. Williams and tell him that he made a huge, positive impact on a young entrepreneur from a small town in Kentucky.

I realize some of you may not know the full story behind Art and the incredible company he built. He took on the powerful insurance companies in the United States, and HE WON! Here is Art Williams BIO and the AL WILLIAMS Story that I found on the CBN website. Read the story carefully, because what you are reading is one of the most incredible entrepreneurial success stories that will ever be told.

I always ask myself, what if he had not wanted more? What if he had just stayed a high school football coach? Yes he would have had a positive impact on his community and the kids he coached, but Art Williams impacted the world and the insurance industry in ways most people may never understand. Read his bio word-for-word and enjoy two of the most incredible, heart felt, motivational talks that have ever been recorded.

Art Williams : The Life Coach


Art Williams was born in 1942 in Waycross, Georgia, to a middle-class, Christian family, and grew up in nearby Cairo, with the dream of becoming a football coach. After college and two high school coaching jobs, he took the head coaching job at Columbus, Georgia’s Kendrick High School. where he built a newly-formed football team into champions after only three years. In the midst of a rewarding career as a winning high school football coach, boasting two “State Coach of the Year” awards, Art made a decision that would change his life dramatically. During his coaching career he had sold insurance part-time to supplement his families income.

His decision had its roots in a personal experience. In 1963, his father died unexpectedly of a heart attack, leaving his family with no will and very little life insurance. Art, in college at the time, knew little about life insurance, but several years later at a family reunion, a cousin introduced him to a different concept—“buy term and invest the difference.” Art was shocked to know that he could provide $150,000 of term coverage for the same premium he was paying for $15,000 of whole life. Remembering his parents’ experience, and believing that his father had been misled, and doing some research on life insurance, Art became a crusader for the term insurance concept.

He began to sell term insurance part-time, and quickly found that his commissions surpassed his coach’s salary. In 1973 he left his first company, ITT, for Waddell & Reed, another term company. And on February 10, 1977, with no business education or corporate management experience, he formed A.L. Williams & Associates in Atlanta, Georgia, with just 85 agents. A.L. Williams became one of the fastest-growing companies in modern business history. After six years in the industry, it was the largest term life insurance company. In ten years, it was a billion-dollar company. By 1990, the company had a sales force of 225,000 people and ranked as the largest seller of individual life insurance in the United States, selling $93.5 billion in face value of individual life insurance. In just 12 years, the company became the first in the entire industry to have more than $300 billion of life insurance in force, a milestone no other company has reached yet. Several years under Art’s leadership, the company sold more face value individual life insurance than New York Life and Prudential combined, the number two and three ranked companies.

In November 1989, Art sold his company to New York-based Primerica Corporation, a diversified financial services company – a decision that has been one of his biggest regrets. He then served as an advisor to Primerica for a short period of time. Essentially retired from business, Art and his wife moved from Atlanta to Palm Beach, Florida, and began to pursue other interests. Some 16 years removed from the presidency of A.L. Williams Corporation is now part of Citigroup.

End of Bio from CBN

“One of his biggest request was selling his company”  Some of us can relate with this, but
we probably also understand why he did it.  You have to protect your energy and your
attitude.  Sales teams can be draining.

I was watching AL Williams kick the butts of insurance companies during this time.  I was one of many who cashed out my whole life policy and bought term.  You have to understand AL Wiliams was in a battle with one of the biggest, most profitable, most established industries in American.

They were slamming him and making fun of him on every mainstream news channel, and he just kept doing what was right, and winning.  The NY Times, Time Magazine and others
were coming after him and he just kept moving forward with a crusade that changed the
insurance industry for the better.

Enjoy, the man, the legend, the one and only Art Williams












This book should be part of every entrepreneurs Library!



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