Robert Kiyosaki

Many people would consider Robert Kiyosaki more of an educator than a motivator.  However I believe when you receive sound “personal education” it takes your level of confidence and motivation […]

Dr. Myles Munroe

My sincere hope is that sometime in a persons life they are exposed to the genius of Dr. Myles Munroe.  Early in my team building career I had a downline […]

10 Minutes of Pure Motivation from Les Brown

Dale Calvert “I will Not Be Denied”

Dale Calvert is an entrepreneur, motivational speaker, and best selling author.  He started his business journey at age 14 operating a successful mail order business from his parents home.  He […]

Will Smith Motivation Talk (Jumping out of an Airplane)

A Powerful, thought provoking talk by Will Smith about jumping out an airplane, and what he learned.  

Jordan Peterson (The motvational speaker for deep thinkers)

Jordan Bernt Peterson is a Canadian clinical psychologist, professor of psychology at the University of Toronto, author. Jordan earned his double B.A. from University of Alberta, Peterson obtained his Ph.D. […]

Mel Robbins

When I first heard Mel Robbins talk about “THE 5 SECOND RULE”. My first thoughts was Genius, absolute genius. Honestly I don’t think it is as powerful as the CANCEL […]

Gary Vee – Gary Vaynerchuck not normal EQ

Dale Calvert If you are one of the rare entreprenuers in the world who doesn’t know much about Gary Vee, this will give you a great over view:   I […]