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I believe the first step to developing self confidence is to understand, “God didn’t make any junk”, you are here for a reason, there is a purpose for your life.  I personally believe when it is all said and done the most important question is did your provide value to the world and the people in it while you were here?

Were you a giver or a taker?  Were you a contributor or a consumer?  Did you maximize your talents and take the time to expand your comfort zone and become the best version of yourself you possibly could be?

The 2nd step is to understand the difference between self-confidence and being egotistical.  Zig said ego is a terrible disease that negatively affects everyone accept the person with the disease. In other words, nobody likes being around an ego maniac.

I have also documented that negative people who lack confidence think EVERYONE with self confidence is egotistical.  That is simply not true, the truth is they are not able to distinguish the difference.


So how do you develop self-confidence?

My entire entrepreneurial career those who lack self confidence has been bewildering to me.  As some of you know the last couple of months we have been working with a company, Ihub Meta, that was in a 90-day beta testing phase and has recently moved into pre-launch.   We are working with awesome people from all over the United States and the world.

I am shocked at the number of awesome people, those that appear to be value focused, willing to learn, who are beyond capable of performing at a high level in my mind and everyone who knows them, who cannot muster up enough confidence to consistently make themselves do what needs to be done.

Honestly this article and training session below from Mr. Brian Tracy is for them and those like them.  Awesome people who need to be able to develop enough confidence to get into the market place and not miss this unique, once in a lifetime, opportunity.

The only conclusion I can come to is they have some deep seeded programming from childhood that is preventing them from fulfilling their full potential.  This has probably held them back for years, if they are ever going to identify it and deal with it the time is now.  I also have to accept the fact that some people are comfortable living is a state of lack.  A few years ago when I wrote the book Change Your Financial Mindset and Create Wealth the idea that some people are comfortable in state of lack or mediocrity never really occurred to me.


Over the  past 90 days, I have personally done everything and said everything I know to do and say.  I have talked about monitoring their self-talk, planning their work and working their plan, deciding WHY, visualization, and understanding the ground floor only happens once. We have promoted the heck out of Mel Robbins 5-4-3-2-1— Go system.    I am at my wits end and it is hard for me to accept the fact that some people I truly love and care about are going to let lack of self-confidence cause them to miss this unique opportunity.

So this morning, I went through tons of old journals, and training list, articles, audios and videos asking myself, what is the best deep work training on self-confidence?  I wasn’t looking for motivation, or a great article on the topic of self-confidence, I was looking for strong, deep, psychology.

I decided the best deep work I was aware of on self-confidence was a training from Brian Tracy.   Brian’s content is fabulous, it is well referenced, but myself and others must be in certain mindset to listen to  him.  His monotone delivery, just doesn’t do it for me, unless I am very interested in the subject, he may just put me to sleep.

The challenge is those who lack self-confidence rarely want to admit it or study the subject.  They tend to blame their lack of being in the market place and making themselves do what they need to do, to lack of time, spouse support, children’s activities, family responsibilities, and the list goes on and on.

The truth is, we have people on our team who have very limited time, an unsupportive spouse, responsibilities with their families, and children’s activities who are consistently in the market place making it happen every week.  It is a matter of priorities and goals.

The people on the leader board in our company didn’t land there by accident for most it was a goal, something they get up thinking about, and working towards daily.   They don’t work when it is convenient, getting in the market place has been a priority for them.   They understand where they are at this time and place in history, and being in the market place each week and growing their business and income is a priority.  They have the self-confidence to make it happen

In this training Brian Tracy covers all of that, the person that edited this training must understand the jab at Brian has never been on the quality of his content but his monotone delivery.  They have gone in and jazzed his seminar up adding new video clips etc, so I am hoping that those that are ready for true self evaluation and want to increase their confidence immediately  will take this training and Brian’s self-talk references to heart.

Don’t watch this seminar passively, it takes focus, and I suggest you have your journal or a note pad.  The content is solid, and desperately needed by many.