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Dale Calvert

If you are one of the rare entreprenuers in the world
who doesn't know much about Gary Vee, this will give
you a great over view:


I am going to share with you a prospective on legendary entrepreneur
Gary Vee that you probably will not find anywhere online.

Today is actually my 60th birthday. I have been thinking about writing what
I am going to share in my personal journal. Other than my wife and to some
degree my oldest daughter Brittanie, I have not really shared what I am going
to share with anyone, but for some reason I want it documented.

Those of you that know me are going to be shocked by this next statement. There is
nobody on the planet I relate to and connect with more than Gary Vaynerchuck.

On the service we are polar opposites.  He is an immigrant Jewish boy from
Russia, raised  in the big city.   I am a Bible Belt Christian raised by a middle
class family in a small Kentucky town.

For both of us, we have a small circle of people that is our life that we love
deeply and can tolerate their normal thinking and limiting beliefs.  The rest
of the world fascinates and confuses us.  Confusing not because we don’t
understand but confused by their lack of action to make change and move

We both live our lives fascinated that people can’t see the obvious.  The older I become
the more I understand how different I am.   It is the  triple extra dose of EQ  (emotional
intelligence).  It takes awhile to understand you see things different, and regardless of
what others are seeing or believing  you can respect them if they are a good person,

There is no doubt in my mind that most of the people reading this article know Gary Vee
more than Dale Calvert even though Calvert Marketing Group, my company owns this

However our internal make up is so similar it is bothersome for me.   It is hard living your life intuitively  knowing what somebody is going to say before they say it, and WHY. 

Gary Vee talks about being a pure bread entrepreneur, I get that.  The love of the game, not
the money, I so understand.


He picked neighbors flowers,  knocked on their doors and sold them back to them.  I sold
pictures that I had drawn door to door when I was about 4.   At  7 I was selling flower seeds and Christmas cards.  I picked up bottles and turned them into the store for the 2 cent deposit. Hunted and sold fishing worms.  Picked and sold blueberries and pears,   Raked Leaves, Shoveled show, off my neighbors side walks and basically every side hustle I could think of.   My days as a kid when I was not playing baseball, I was making money.
This blows my mind,  when I was about 12 years old I built a miniture golf course in
my backyard and charged all the neighborhood kids to play.   If you are a big consumer
of Gary Vee content you know he did the same thing.   We actually had a local newspaper
dude come out, take a picture and do a story about our mini golf course.  I have that newspaper clip somewhere and if I can find it I will share it here.

A lot of what I have mentioned are typical child side hustles.  Some do them sparatically
but I was in side hustle mode all day every day as a kid.  How many kids in the world do
you think built a miniature golf course in their back yard and charged neighborhood kids
to play?



As a teenager Gary Vee went to work in the family business,  I became a semi-professional Magician.  I know Gary loves magic, but I don’t think he ever actually attempted to learn how to perform it, but he could, because it has everything to do with being aware of where your audiences attention is.

Those that are building large network marketing teams may have heard my podcast where
I talk about how performing magic gives you a different understanding of human behavior.

Prior to going to work in his family business Gary Vee did sports card shows as a vendor and
set up his table at different events happening in malls and hotels around New Jersey.   At that time I was in the health insurance business working with a company called  The National Association for the Self Employed  (NASE)   However my brother and I also had
a baseball card and sports memorabilia business called Calvert’s Baseball Card Shop.  My
brother was a fireman, I was on the road selling insurance in the state of Kentucky and we
had kids from our church run the card shop.

He and I did card shows in Kentucky, Indiana, and Ohio on the weekends.

We made good money and had a lot of fun during this time.  We were in the stands for the 1990 playoffs when our beloved  Cincinnati Reds swept Josie Canseco, Mark Mcquire and the Oakland A’s in four games.   It was quite a time.



Like Gary, Sports card Investing is still something I do, and they  are still part
of my investment portfolio today.



As your probably know Garr went to a no name Mt. Ida College in Massachusetts
I attended no name Fugazzi Business School in Lexington Kentucky for a couple of
semesters.   He graduated, I dropped off after getting hired by IBM in Lexington

All my friends and family members kept telling me how lucky I was and how I was
set up for life with great benefits because I got hired at I B M.    After college Gary
went into his family’s Liquor Store.

When I was at IBM  I continued to perform as a sem-professional magician, but was
constantly looking for another side hustle I could do so I could get out of prison, I
mean IBM 😉   I hated every minute of every day in that environment.

Keep in mind this was before THE INTERENT.    I was going thorough a lot of emotional
struggle during this time trying to figure out what my future was going to look like.  It
was during this time I discovered the great Zig Ziglar and the fact that books stores had
a personal development section.  I was searching.  I was buying every rag business
magazine off the news stand and sending away for every package I could about different
businesses from growing earth worms in your basement to bronzing baby shoes.  Some of
you reading this are probably old enough to remember those magazines and ads.

I spent 5 years at IBM and this was about the time Sony was coming out with the Walkman
for cassette tapes and  Nightingale Conant and the personal development movement was
at its peak.   Those 5 yeas I listened to business and personal development audios for 8
hours a day, everyday, on my job.   Ziglar, Rohn, Waitley, Dyer, all of them, over and over
and over again.  I totally programmed my mind for success and for what was to come
in the future.

It was about this time I discovered network marketing and the opportunity to build a team.
Again at that the network marketing business was really a personal development program
with a compensation plan attached.   What it was and what it has become today is beyond
heart breaking to me. I have a real love-hate relationship with the profession, and have
done everything I could possibly do over the years to keep the train on the rails.

Many great thought leaders, teachers, and trainers including Zig Ziglar and Jim Rohn
both came from starting in the network marketing profession.

Long story short,  it took me 10 years to build my income to $92,000 a year.   I left IBM
after my 5th year.   However my 11th year my income jumped to $252,000, my 12th
year 1.1 million my 13th year 3.3 million. and my 14th year 3.8 million.

In 1990 we started from scratch with zero and build a company from 0 – over 100 million
dollars in sales.    Gary entered his dads business and build it from 3 million to 60 or 70
million in 5 years.    Started his wine shows on YouTube and the rest his history, but we
all know Gary Vee hasn’t really started yet, he will by the NY Jets someday.

Fiver years into my run we were rolling, we had a 30 minute infomercial that was being
shown all over the United States and Canada and then the thing Gary feels the worst
happened to me.

Over the years I had built up many very close relationships with people that I loved.
Those I would go to war with and get in the fox hole.



I  had a business partner, we had 78 home office employees and over 60,000 independent
distributors in the United States and Canada.    I was in charge of the training of the
field, my partner for the home office staff.

One day our head accountant walked into my office and said, I need to talk to you, with
a deep look of concern on his face.  I walked in his office, and set down, and he said I
don’t know how to say this so I am just going to say it.

He said we are using this month’s sales to pay last moths commissions to the field. 

I am not going to go into too detail but to say I was livid that my partner allowed
this to happen would be an under statement.  I was trusting, I never looked at the books,
I assumed it was all under control.  However we were talking about the lives of 60,000
families here!

By this time my naive partner and their family thought they were the Trumps.
We had a company plane, two company limos and it was crazy.   Honestly none of
that was ever a goal for me, but honestly was for my partner.  Here is a picture of
us on the Cover of Success Makers Magazine.


Honestly, I assumed he knew what he was doing.  My focus and responsibility
was 100% on the development of new leaders in the field.

He cared very little about the business and was off trying to get into the
Thoroughbred Horse business and tons of other crazy ideas including  the
Nigerian money laundry scam  (I found out about a couple of years later)

The next 3 years where like World War 3 .  Hundreds of thousands of dollars
spent on legal battles, and on and on.  In the process I saw people that I loved
like own brother and sister jump out of the fox hole and move into a major
state of self preservation.   They were made deals that ultimately would
destroy the company.

The only way I know how to describe it is like going through 20 divorces at
the same time.   So I know what it is like to lose a lot of people that you love
at the same time.  Gary talks about quite often that is the greatest fear he
has, and I get it.

Honestly this two years was like a fog,  I sincerely believe that I had a nervous
breakdown and if not for my Christian faith,  and all the mentors you have
the opportunity to listen to here on PureMotivation.com I don’t know if I
would have come out of that situation alive.

So for the next 15 years I just coasted.  I have spoke at events all over the world
and bought and sold several different businesses.  I had an eBay consignment
business that I planned to franchise until the CEO of eBay at the time, Meg
Ryan turned the screws on sellers.  Thankfully eBay is recovered from those
down years.   I could go on and on, but it doesn’t really matter.

Here is the point, in August of 2015 I had two hear attacks. and it was around
this time I discovered podcast.   It was such a flash back to my early years
and the Walkman listening to personal development audios for 8 hours a day.

I was actually at a cardiologist appointment in the waiting room reading a
magazine and they were talking about a podcast, called Pat Flynn and smart
passive income.   I went home and pulled up the podcast app on my iPhone for
the first time and was introduced into the world of podcast.


Honestly, a web guy that had worked for me actually put my
MLM Minute YouTube show that I was doing at the time on
Itunes as a podcast, and I had forgotten all about it, and never
listened to an episode, or really understood what it was, or what
it was doing,  At the time I was a flip phone user.

Along the way I heard Gary Vee.  The first couple of times I heard
Gary Vee I shut him off as quickly as he came on, because of all
the  unnecessary cursing.

My fundamental belief is cursing is a sign of poor self image.  That
is what Zig Ziglar taught in his See You at the Top course.  When I look
around at the people I have met in my life who curse in general conversation,
a poor self image has been apparent and is apparent.   Look at the people in
your life that cuss like a sailor then ask yourself what kind of self image do
they have.  It is pretty obvious  isn’t it?

At some point I hear Gary Vee and for whatever reason he was not
cursing like a sailor. He was ranting, which I appreciate, but not cursing.
I started to realize this guy thinks exactly how I think.  He is as confused
and fascinated as I am why people can’t see the obvious.

It should be obvious at this point in this article that I have consumed more
Gary Vee content than probably anybody you know.    I can tell his story
better than he can.   I respect him,  and I feel his frustrations.

He is a rare combination of natural hustler drive, which I believe is DNA
and  a strong self image his mom intentionally developed.

Can those that are not born with a strong hustler DNA  still create
entrepreneurial success?   Of course!  Is it going to more challenging for
them in some ways?  Of course.

Gary’s brother and sisters, don’t have the hustler drive at the level he does,
very few people have that.    My brother and sister are both quite successful
but they don’t have the drive that I have.

Where Gary has an advantage on everyone is the way his mom programmed
his mind for success.   I have a very supportive  family, but they did not
consciously program me for success.    Thankfully, I learned how to do that
for myself, and anyone can, which is probably one of the reasons you found
this article and this website.

Virtually every featured legend on this website talks about the ability
to consciously, daily, programming our minds for success.  This comes
naturally for Gary because of the environment in which his mom raised
him.  When you combine that programming with the ability to work
hard and grind, those are lethal combinations that few people have,
but cannot be stopped.

We open our PROGRAM YOUR MIND FOR SUCCESS system here.  I know
that may sound woo woo, but it is based upon the science of neuroplasticity.

As I said at the beginning of this article, there is nobody on the planet
that I relate with like Gary Vee.   However as I mentioned, I am 60 years
old,  I believe cursing is a sign of a poor self image.   However I have been
able to tune it out simply because of Gary’s genius EQ.

For Gary I believe it is simply the culture in which he was raised, and
habitual.  A habit is could choose to break if he decided to, just like he
decided to get in shape a few years ago.  It is easy to say he is being
authentic.  I understand that and appreciate that.

However deciding to change and making the change because it is the
best move in the long term, is being just as authentic.

Losing weight and being in shape is something that cannot be
debated.  Honestly for most people, cursing cannot be either.

The real issue I have is the bad example he is setting for
all his audience.   Because of his track record he can get
away with it, but he is smart enough to know that most of
his audience who are trying to build their business, it is a
bad move.  I just want to scream at him  LEAD BY

Show people that cursing is a habit that will not serve most
people well and it is a habit that can be broken.  Your
authenticity can be as much about someone who broke the
habit and developed a new authenticity for his audience.

I would love to have my grandkids listen to Gary Vee, but
for myself and many others it is a line that just can’t be


The sad thing to me is many entrepreneurs will never benefit from Gary
Vee’s genius because they will never get past his foul language.  He will
never reach his full upside potential because of this, and I sincerely believe
at some point he will look back and wish he had understood this.  I am
going to drop this subject because I actually did an entire podcast session
on this subject.  Agree, disagree, it is what it is.




With all that said,  I am going to share with you some of Gary Vee’s
best talks here.   Prepare for unnecessary cursing and EQ Genius.

I am going to pull some of his best talks from network
TV where he cannot curse like he normally does.



I have personally taught a concept for over 30 years I call “Discipline or
Regret” which I originally learned from Zig Ziglar.  Gary calls it 
Risk or Regret and does a much better job of explaining this important
idea that you must wrap you mind and heart around. #TruthisTruth








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