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The Boys Got a Dream the Goads Lyricks

He wakes up every morning
Responds to the Light of Day
All he has ever known
Is work and no play

But he’s always had a vision
his has always had a goal
Never has he wavered
From the things that he’s been told

The Boys Got a Dream
And On His Face it Shows It
He Boy on the Move
He Knows Where he is Going

He Knows What has to be done
from the challenge he will not run
You can tell by the look on his face
the Boy’s Got a Dream

Every Night before she goes to sleep
She gets down on her knees
and she Prays to the father, that her
dreams she’ll always keep

She’s heard the call, she’ll give her all
to be all that she can be
Call she knows all things are possible
to a girl that’s got a Dream

The Girls got a Dream
and on her face it is showin
She is a Girl on the Move
She Knows Where She is Going

She knows what has to be done
and together she’ll get the job
done.  You can tell by the look in
her eyes the girls got a dream



We played this song and several others at every event and
National Conference we held back in my NII days.  If memory
serves me correctly the group members of the Goals were
a gospel group and Amway distributors.

The Boy’s Got a Dream was probably their most popular song, but
if you like this, and you ever find one of their audio CD’s on eBay,
buy it, they have a lot of songs that entrepreneurs will appreciate.

From time to time the Goads CD’s pop up on Amazon or eBay and
when they do, we list them below.  (They usually go quick)




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