Santana & Steve Winwood – I’m Winning – Video – Lyrics

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[Verse 1]
One day I was on the ground
When I needed a hand
And it couldn’t be found
I was so far down
That I couldn’t get up
You know and
One day I was one of life’s losers
Even my friends were my accusers
And in my head
Lost before I’d begun

[Chorus 1]
I had a dream
But it turned to dust
What I thought was love
That must have been lust
I was living in style
When the walls fell in
When I played my hand
I looked like a joker
Turn around
Fate must have woke her
Because lady luck she was
Waiting outside the door

[Chorus 2]
I’m winning[x5]
And I don’t intend on losing again

[Verse 2]
Too bad it belonged to me
It was the wrong time
And I meant to be
It took a long time
And I knew for now
I can see the day
That I breath for
Friends agree there’s a need
To play the game
And to win again

[Chorus 2]

[Chorus 1]

[Chorus 2]



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