Victim or Victorious? The only attitude that removes prejudice

At this time and place in history I believe that so much of the
unrest we are witnessing around the world comes from the fact
that people see themselves as victims.


They  have been told over and over that they are a victim, that others
have kept them down, and other people are responsible for their lot in


We have to let people know this is not true.  We have to encourage people
to rise above whatever disapointsment and social injustice  they have faced.

That others in their situation have risen above it, and THEY CAN TO!

They have become a victim of the crowd they hand with.  They need to find
positive, uplifting communities that inspire them, and encourage them and
they are out there if THE LOOK!

It is a time to inspire people to overcome, not stir them up and tell them when
you are down, you must stay down, and you are there because somebody else
put you down.  People have to learn the TRUTH that THEY control their own

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I am not jumping on the bandwagon, this is an idea I have been sharing for over 20 years!