Motivational Coffee Mugs

If you are looking for a motivaitonal coffee mug, coffee mugs with motivational quotes, you are in the right place. Here are PureMotivation.com we find the most popular, trendy, meaningul […]

Motivational Quotes Button for the Office

      ⇞ UNIQUE INSPIRING PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT BUTTON – Take your motivational wall art and positive affirmation cards to the next level, this one-of-a-kind sound buzzer will boost your […]

Motivation: The Scientific Guide on How to Get and Stay Motivated

James Clear Motivation is a powerful, yet tricky beast. Sometimes it is really easy to get motivated, and you find yourself wrapped up in a whirlwind of excitement. Other times, […]

What is the difference between Mentoring and Coaching?

To put it simple a mentor is someone who offers their knowledge, expertise and advice to those with less experience. By leveraging their experience and skills, mentors guide mentees in […]

Five Critical Questions

I have spent my entire life as an entrepreneur.   Most of my life has been spend trying to understand what make people tick.   Today, we have more opportunity available to […]